7 Reasons Why Your Market Research Firm Needs to Record your Interviews


As anyone who’s ever left their keys in a locked car or forgotten to pick up the dry cleaning will attest, our memories are imperfect. While our day to day forgetfulness might be harmless, a forgotten detail can impact a small market research firm in lasting ways. Nothing loses a client’s trust faster than inaccurate information, as reporting errors end up working against the client’s best interests. That’s why technology for recording interviews, such as Recordator, proves to be essential to prevent these momentary slipups from occurring.

According to a survey conducted by the Green Book Blog, researchers named the following challenges as their top three concerns:

  • Impactful reporting
  • Technology
  • Data management

Fortunately, recording your interviews can help mitigate failures to meet the needs of those three challenges. Recording interviews serves as an inexpensive way to compete with the big players without shelling out massive resources for outside consultation or suffering potential financial losses resulting from ineffective or inaccurate data.

Here are just some of the reasons why recording interviews are essential to your firm’s success.

  1. More Accuracy

For a client, there’s nothing more frightening to hear than “I’m not sure” when a firm reports their data. Accuracy is number one when it comes to the competitive world of market research. A recording provides one hundred percent certainty of what was said by an interviewee. Through careful transcription, your firm will be able to deduct more effective conclusions and provide more useful information to the client.

  1. Easier Data Management

According to Voxco, 45% of suppliers feel that market research firms should focus on technology. In a world overrun with data, it’s difficult for the human brain to always make sense of it all. Recording software helps market research firms use technology to organize data more methodically. This results in happier clients, who can see that your market research firm is open to using the latest tools to evolve as a business.

  1. Opportunities for Coaching

Did you ever listen to a recording of your voice and get embarrassed by your verbal tics? Listening to recordings help you become a better speaker because you focus on where you can strengthen your communication style. Perhaps your delivery is flat, which tends to produce equally flat responses. Or maybe you’re using humor on a participant who doesn’t appreciate your jokes. Many research firms also state that cultural differences continue to be a challenge for interviewers. Listening to a recording lets you adjust you or your team’s delivery to suit the interviewee so that you’re conducting the most effective interview possible.

  1. Better Reporting

Most researchers may have gone through the experience of talking to someone who’s uninterested in a survey. Particularly at the end of a session, many people tend to tune out and give whatever answer will get them off the phone fastest. By analyzing recorded interviews, you’re able to parse through what you feel are genuine answers versus what was literally and metaphorically phoned in. This results in stronger reporting that ends up helping your clients succeed. Neither side gains anything by reporting information that’s not genuine. Recorded interviews ensure that you’re reporting only the most substantial data to your clients.

  1. Technology Doesn’t Feel Fatigue

All of us get tired at some point in the day. It’s during these moments that we are most vulnerable to missing potentially important details. One of the best aspects of machines is that they don’t need a rest. Even if you’re suffering from that late afternoon lethargy, you can be sure that your recording captures every moment between you and an interviewee. Since the recording is able to be played back at any time, you can choose a moment when you’re most focused to listen and analyze the data.

  1. You Earn Trust

No matter the size of your research firm, trust between you and a client is essential. If your client trusts you to provide them with accurate data, then your relationship is more likely to end up fruitful for both sides. No amount of financial investment can earn trust. But through recording interviews, you show your clients that you take this trust seriously. Nothing spells a happy client quite like not having to worry about the accuracy of their research reports. Even the best of us slip up now and again, but a market research firm will never survive if they’re looked at as unreliable. Let technology secure your reliability in the eyes of the client through recording every interview that takes place.

  1. Recording Software is Inexpensive

Being competent doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Small tweaks, such as adopting recorded interviews, can produce huge results that don’t require massive investments. Recordator offers you 67 minutes of recording for only $10, which averages out to only $0.15 per minute. Meanwhile, Recordator’s Professional Plan offers 250 minutes for $30, which costs you only $0.12 per minute. Finally, Recordator offers the best value with their Business Plan, costing just $60 for 600 minutes of recordings. All of these plans charge no monthly fee or hidden charges.

Best of all, Recordator software transcribes the interviews, saving you time from having to laboriously copy every word that was said or try and decipher an interviewee who’s difficult to hear. The service also allows a user to annotate a call recording so that you can find a specific point in an interview. This proves to be a time saver during long calls where it could potentially take you hours to find a particular statement.

Once you make and record your call, you can access the recording through your account on Recordator’s website. Here you can listen to the recording, download it as an MP3, or share the recording with your clients. Recordator also offers a team feature, which allows multiple people to operate on the same account. This is perfect for a small research firm, with the whole team potentially able to share just one account.

Recording interviews isn’t just convenient for market research firms, it’s necessary in such a competitive environment. Visit recordator.com to learn more about how the service works and how it can help your firm reach the next level.