Transcribe your Call Recordings

Convert speech in your call recordings to text and easily refer to key discussion points.
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Get transcripts

Taking notes from a call recording is tough. Generate transcripts of your call recordings and skim through them to locate important discussion points.

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Transcripts are generated using Machine Learning technology. In absence of background noise and with clear, intelligible speech the accuracy of the transcripts can be as high as 95%



Generate transcriptions beginning at $0.10 per minute. Check out the detailed pricing here.


Languages Supported

Currently you can generate transcripts of recordings where the spoken language is US English or UK English.


Transcription editor

Use a powerful transcription editor to work on your recording. Highlight important portions to selectively play them later. Strike-out unimportant ones.


Fast turn-around

An hour-long call-recording can be transcribed in roughly thirty minutes. Start working on your recordings immediately.

Get your first transcript for free

Record a call and get its transcript with the free 10 minutes you get on sign up.

Get started

How it works

One-click transcript generation

1. Request Transcript

After you record a call, go to the “My Recordings” screen and look for this button - Click on it to place a request for a transcript.

2. Get notified

Your recording will be processed and the transcript will be generated. When your transcript is ready, we will send you an email.

3. View your transcript

Click on the “View transcript” button - to load your call recording in the transcript editor.


Price starts from $0.10 per minute of call recording transcribed

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