Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my call recordings?

Once you make and record your call, your recording is available in your account on our website. You can choose to listen to it, download it in an MP3 format, or share the recording with someone.

What number will the call receiver see?

When you use the Merge-and-Record or Dial-to-Call methods, then your recipient will see the call coming from your number. If you use the Click-to-Call method then your recipient will see our number on her phone.

Can the user determine that the call is being recorded?

The receiver is never explicitly informed by us that the call is being recorded. In case you use the Click-to-Call method then the recipient will see the call coming from our number and thus determine that the call may be recorded. Please read about the legality or recording calls in the section below.

Which countries can I use this service in?

We have local dial-in numbers for Merge-and-Record and Dial-to-Call methods in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

You can use the Click-toCall methods in these countries - The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, India, China, Indonesia, Japan and Panama.

Is recording phone calls legal?

The legality of recording phone calls depends on the location of the caller and callee. In 12 states of USA, recording phone calls requires consent of all the parties to the call. It is your responsibility as a user to inform the callee that the phone call is being recorded in case you are required to do so by law. We do not notify the callee that the call is being recorded. For further research on the legality of recording a phone conversation you may find the following resource useful: Wikipedia - General information on phone call recording laws

Can I use multiple calling numbers from my account?

Yes, you can use multiple calling numbers from a single account. You can add as many numbers to your account you like, verify and use them to call our dial-in numbers when using the Merge-and-Record or Dial-to-Call methods, or receive our call when using the Click-to-Call method.

Do I need any additional hardware or software to record my phone calls?

No additional hardware or software is needed. You can use our service with either a mobile phone or fixed-line phone.

Can I record a phone call made to any number?

You can call almost any number and record any phone conversation. However, there are certain premium numbers or some numbers where the receiver has to pay for the call; in such a case the call will be rejected.

How does this telephone recording service work?

First, you will need to register with us and verify your phone number. Once registered, you will be able to use our service to record your phone calls. There are three ways to record your outgoing calls:


In this method, you enter the receiver's phone number and call our dial-in number. Once we receive your call, we will connect you to the receiver. In this method the receiver sees your number on his or her phone.


This method is similar to making a regular phone call. However you include an additional participant in your call - our call recording service. This allows us to record your call which is then saved to your account.


In this method, you enter the receiver's phone number and initiate the call from the website. Our system will first place a call to you, then the receiver, and then patch your calls. In this method, the receiver will see our number on his or her phone.

Please watch our video and read more about recording phone calls.

How long are phone call recordings available on the website?

Your call recordings are stored with us for a period of one year from the day they are recorded. In case of an important conversation we suggest that you download a copy of it and save it on your computer or any other reliable storage alternative.

What are the methods of payment?

We use Paypal for processing payments. This includes Credit Card, e-Checks and Paypal money. You do not need to have a separate Paypal account to purchase minutes from us.

On what basis am I charged?

You are charged for buying phone call minutes which have no expiry period. For example, if you recharge your account with $30, you buy yourself 250 minutes of making calls and recording them. The pricing is inclusive of all charges. Please refer to the pricing page for details

How are minutes charged in this phone call recording service?

We round off all calls to the next minute. So for example if you make a 8 minutes and 12 seconds telephone recording, 9 minutes will be deducted from your account.

Is there any monthly fee too?

There is no monthly fee or setup fee. We have a pay-as-you-go plan; you only pay for the minutes you use. Please refer to the pricing page for details

When does the call recording begin?

For the Click-to-Call method and the Dial-to-Call method, the call recording begins from the moment your recipient picks up the call. For the Merge-and-Record method the recording begins from the moment our system picks up your call.

I need to join a call that requires a special PIN to join. What can I do?

When using the Click-to-Call or Dial-to-Call method, you can provide your PIN or pass-code in the text-box that says DTMF while initiating the call. If you are using the Merge-and-Record method then you can punch-in the pass-code while you are on the-call.

What is

Recordator is a phone call recording service which allows you to record any phone call without using any additional hardware or software. You can record your outgoing, incoming and conference calls. Since calls are routed through Recordator, you get the same quality of recording as you get in the call.

Who is this phone call recording service for?

This call recording service is for anyone who wants to record an important phone conversation and use it later to take notes or collaborate with team members. Journalists, recruiters and researchers frequently use our service to record their important telephonic interviews and take notes later.

If you have questions that are not answered here, kindly send us an email at [email protected]