Our Dial-in Numbers

Call the dial-in number for your country when using the Merge-and-Record or Dial-to-Call methods to record phone calls.
Country Dial-in Number
Australia +61-7-3063-4510
Canada +1-888-829-2045 (Toll-free within Canada)
United Kingdom +44-1733-530419
United States +1-888-829-2045 (Toll-free within the U.S.)

If you do not see the dial-in number for your country, you can call one of the numbers mentioned above. You will be charged international calling rates by your operator. If that does not work for you, you can check the Click-to-Call method.

Numbers not mentioned as toll-free will be charged by carriers at standard call rates within the country.

To know how to record phone calls using the Merge-and-Record and Dial-to-Call methods, please click here.

Note: These numbers should be called only from the phone number with which you have registered with us, or from a number that you have added as a Calling Number to your account. Calls from any other number will be rejected by our system.
Note: When calling from office phones, your phone system may mask your extension and send a different number to our service, which our system will be unable to recognise.