How to Record Phone Calls

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Record outgoing calls

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Why Record Phone Calls

If you are interviewing someone over a phone call for a research project or a blog article, experts consider it a good practice to record that call. Recording the call frees you up from note-taking to focus on the interview resulting in a more engaging discussion.

While knowing shorthand or being good at multi-tasking might lend a certain advantage, it is practically impossible to note down accurately, everything that was said during an hour-long interview. Moreover cognitive and memory biases come into play while trying to work from memory. With an exact record of the interview, there is no room for such mistakes to creep in.

Recruiters too advise that interview calls be recorded, so that while taking a hiring decision later, other stakeholders can be given access to the recording and a better hiring decision can be taken.

It is important to take permission for the recording from the interviewee as well as be aware of the legality of recording a call.

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Is it legal to record phone calls

The simple answer to this question is, it depends on where you and your call receiver are located. For example European laws are quite lenient and permit both caller and call receiver to record the call without each other's explicit consent.

In the United States, 38 states permit single-party consent for a call to be recorded. This essentially means you can go ahead and record your call without any concern since you are party to the call and just your consent is enough.

In 12 states, however, all parties must consent before a call can be recorded. These states include California, Washington among others. You can read more on this topic here.

However, what is legal may not always be polite. Hence it is a good practice to go ahead and inform participants in a call that the call is being recorded.

Who records phones calls?

Professionals in various industries record their important phone calls for various reasons.


As a journalist, interviews and phone interviews are fundamental to one’s working. Instead of taking notes during the interview, many journalists choose to record their phone interviews and refer to them later.

Market Researchers

Conducting primary research for a market study involves interviewing numerous people over phone calls. It is easy to lose track of quotes and information during such a complex exercise. Hence many market researchers choose to record phone calls for later reference.

Recruiters and Head Hunters

Phone interviews have become a norm for recruitment. A round of screening with phone interviews can result in massive savings in cost and time and lead to a better selection for a position. Recording interviews allows multiple stake holders to participate and take a better hiring decision.


Scientific, political and social researchers too need to carry out numerous phone interviews as part of their studies. Having a recorded version of the interview can help result in a more accurate study as multiple researchers can collaborate and certain cognitive and memory biases be eliminated.

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