Must-have Resources for Small Businesses

Small-businesses have it tough. There is plenty to do and not there is neither the time nor the resources to do even half of them. While you shift focus from your customers for one moment, to focus on your raw material vendors, customer churn rate hits the roof. While you break your head on Accounts, your Sales takes a nose-dive. As if there weren’t enough hats already!

That is why it is all the more important for small businesses to be thrifty and to scrounge – to make very penny spent count. The¬†world-wide web can be a wonderful treasure hunt, if you know how to navigate it. Well, by definition it has to. Most people know just the famous resources –

But she shall survive, who knows how to find value. Thus without much further ado, here is out list.

A Video on your Landing Page

If you don’t already have an explainer video on your home page, get one now. Video improves conversion rates of campaigns by more than 34%. Take a moment to think about it again – your business could zoom up by a third in a matter of few days, with this easily achievable strategy.

While there are many DIY tools to get your own video done, you are probably better off commissioning your video project to an animation studio. You can find suitable animation studios on Homer, an excellent place to look for agencies.

Recording your Customer Calls

Are you recording your important customer calls? Those can be a gold mine of important insights about what your customers think about your service.

Recordator is an easy-to-use and cost-effective way of recording your business calls. No set up is required; you can simply sign up and get started in a matter of few minutes.

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