How to Record Phone Calls on an iPhone 11


Not too long ago, the iPhone 11 was the second best-selling smartphone in the world, just behind the iPhone XR. This single device itself makes up for over 2% of the world’s smartphone population

AI-Powered Assistants for Sales and Marketing Teams


AI Sales Assistants are AI-driven software programs that assist sales teams in a host of tasks such as lead qualification, scheduling meetings, data-entry, pipeline management etc. They may be customer-facing or interact with internal-teams only. Read more

Why Stopping Customer Churn is Essential for a Successful Small Business


For a small business, tracking down new leads takes an enormous drag on resources. This problem is compounded if the business has a habit of losing customers, as more time is spent accounting for this customer churn. At times, this process can feel like running in place and can even cause damage to your small business. Read more

Perfecting Phone Interview Skills for Journalists

prepare for phone interview

The beginning of my career as a journalist coincided with my city’s elections. My beat was the rivalry for the mayoral post, the most heated rivalry the city had seen in decades. I have one very memorable encounter from this period in my professional life: interviewing the then current city mayor about his botched promises over the phone. Read More

How To Record Calls on your iPhone 8


Recording calls on your phone is an indispensable feature for many people. This tool helps you do that on your iPhone 8 with just a few simple steps.