App to Record Phone Calls – 2017

App to record phone calls

There are numerous instances where you might want to record your phone call. Using an app to record phone calls is the way to go about it. Here is a list of handy apps that can do the job for you. …Read more

How to Record Call on iPhone without App

How to record call on iPhone without app

For long-time iPhone users, it is common knowledge that Apple has stubbornly stayed away from shipping any native capabilities to record phone calls. For many professionals like Journalists, Market Researchers or anyone conducting a phone interview, recording a call is …Read more

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

Despite the exciting new features in the iPhone 7 and iOS 10.1, if you are looking to learn how to record a phone call on iPhone 7, there isn’t much they have to offer. Apple has stubbornly stayed away from shipping any native capabilities to allow users to record phone calls. …Read more

Should you Record your Hiring Interview

record hiring interview

Ideally you would conduct your hiring/recruitment interviews in person, , face-to-face as we like to call it. But what should you do if you or your interviewee are unable to meet for an in-person interview? …Read more

Recording Phone Calls for Podcast

recording phone calls podcast

Recording a phone interview is a valuable tool, because it allows you to go back and listen to your interview for things you might have missed. But what if you want to share your phone interview with others? …Read more

Taking notes during a Phone Interview


Whether you’re conducting phone interviews for recruitment or for a research study, there is one frustrating burden that all phone interviews have in common – note-taking! Phone interviews are used for gathering information and it is unlikely …Read more

Incoming Call Recording

incoming call recorder

Sometimes it could be very important to record phone conversations and for this purpose you must know how to record incoming calls beforehand to avoid mess during the call. There are many possible situations where you might want to record a phone call. …Read more

How to Call a Phone from a Computer

call phone from computer

Have you ever heard of VoIP services? You definitely did. VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol, this technology is used to make audio and video calls over internet. Every software and app that allows you to make audio and video calls over internet is a VoIP service; for example Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and LINE. …Read more