How To Record Calls on your iPhone 8

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Apple makes some of the best phones on the market. Beautiful hardware design and an increasingly sophisticated OS grabs global headlines at every launch. However, even the newest iPhone 8 trips when you try to do one seemingly simple thing: record a phone call.

Apple has stayed away from providing native call recording capabilities on iPhones. This applies for the iPhone 8 too. Even third-party apps on iOS devices do not have access to the microphone and speaker during a phone call. Since many states in the US have complicated laws on the matter, it’s unlikely that Apple will be rethink it’s policy on call-recording anytime soon.

The NSA’s alleged wiretapping and scandalous call records featuring politicians are the stuff front page news are made of. What use does the average person have for call-recording, right? Not exactly. For many people, recording a phone call is an indispensable part of their profession.

To give you an example, phone recording makes it easier to deal with customer service. Back in 2014, Comcast subscribers lost their patience over the lackluster service provided by ComCast and started uploading their conversations with customer service reps. The massive backlash led to Comcast being declared the most hated company in America.

Call recording is also a valuable tool for journalists and market researchers. It is extremely difficult to note-take a two-hour long interview with just pen and paper; a recording will do the job so much better. Academicians, businessmen, and other professionals can also benefit from having a copy of their conversations. It’s also a matter of accountability and information storage. The average person gets six calls a day. Just how much is remembered is what varies.

The question now is, can you record phone calls on your iPhone 8?

How to Record Calls on iPhone 8

We at provide you with a smart and elegant option to record phone calls on your iPhone 8. By channeling the call through our servers, we can record your calls at call-quality. You do not need any special apps or hacks to get it working. The best thing about this method of call recording on the iPhone 8 is that it’s safe. Since you do not need to install an app, you do not risk exposing your iPhone 8 to malicious software that may compromise your microphone or speakers. Recordator only records when your call is being chanelled through our servers.

The service also charges by the minute so you can control just how much you want to spend. The more minutes you buy, the cheaper it gets, which is perfect for heavy users who might be using the service for work.

Three Ways to Record

There are three ways of recording calls on your iPhone 8 using Choose one that’s perfect for your situation.

Dial-to-Call – This method is best suited if you are unable to conference call using your iPhone 8. In your account, select your call recipient (or add one) and then call our dial-in number. The call will be relayed to your recipient and saved to your account.

Click-to-Call – This is the easiest method of the three. In your account, choose your call recipient and then click on “Click-to-Call”. Our service calls both your number and your recipient then patches both calls. The recording is then saved to your account.

Merge-and-Record – You can use this method for incoming calls or recording phone calls that you are already on. Just make another call to our dial-in number and merge both calls. This starts the recording immediately. Your recording is available in your account after you hang-up.

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