Record Phone Conversation

Record phone conversation

Do you know you can detect your heartbeat with a pretty decent smartphone? Yeah, you can but that is another topic. Today we can do a lot of things with our smartphone and that’s why they are called “smart”. Unfortunately, when it comes to some very basic feature, you have to take the long way. …Read more

Taking notes during a Phone Interview


Whether you’re conducting phone interviews for recruitment or for a research study, there is one frustrating burden that all phone interviews have in common – note-taking! Phone interviews are used for gathering information and it is unlikely …Read more

Research Interview – 4 Reasons to Record Yours

Research interview

If you are planning on conducting a research interview over a phone call, you should consider recording it. We know how tough it is setting up interview calls, especially with industry experts and eminent personalities who are hard to make appointments with. Why should you make an already complicated task even more twisted, right? …Read More

Telephone Interview – 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Conducting One

telephone interview

A phone interview is a great time saver during a recruitment process if done correctly. It allows you to narrow down your field of prospective candidates before engaging in face-to-face interviews. However if not done right, it could end up costing you more time then it saves. If you want to ensure that your phone interview runs smoothly and efficiently, here are a few mistakes you need to watch out for.
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Phone Interview – Should you Conduct One?

phone interview

So you wrote a great Job Description – it really spoke to the candidates. Now, your email account is overflowing with resumes of interested job seekers. Your move. Should you shortlist candidates on the basis of resumes and conduct face-to-face interviews? Should you have a telephonic interview with the candidates? …Read More

3 Simple but Essential Phone Interview Tips


Phone interviews can be a real asset for prospective employers. If done correctly, conducting an initial phone interview can save you a lot of time and weed out candidates who might not be a great fit for the position you are hiring for. To help things go smoothly, we are listing 3 phone interview tips below. …Read more

Cold Calling Tips

Cold Calling Tips

The term Cold Calling refers to the first contact (either face-to- face or through telephone) made to a prospective customer made without any prior appointment or context. Hence it is one of the more challenging avenues of beginning a sales process. However with some of the telephone cold calling tips mentioned below, it can be turned to an effective and meaningful way of bringing new customers.
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Recording a Telephonic Interview – Why it Matters


For all the hiring that takes place at your firm, it might be a standard practice to conduct telephonic interviews before you actually call someone for a face-to-face interview. There can be some pitfalls here which you may not be aware of. Here are two common errors which might occur during such telephonic interview: Shortlisting the unsuitable candidate(Type 1 Error)– … Read More

Is it Legal to Record a Phone Call?

Is it legal to record a phone call

This might be the first question in your mind before you actually go ahead and record phone calls. In this article we will discuss about the legality of phone call recording in the United States of America only (for civilian cases). We will leave out the topic of eavesdropping. If you are going to be a party to a recorded telephone conversation, you will find this article helpful. …Read more