Record Phone Conversation

Record phone conversation

Did you know you can detect your heartbeat with a decent smartphone? (Edit: This is pretty standard technology now) Yeah, you can but that is a topic for another day. Today we can do a lot of things with our smartphone and that’s why they are called “smart”. Unfortunately, when it comes to some very basic feature, you have to take the long way. If you want to record phone calls, you probably think there is a dedicated button and you can record phone conversation easily on your phone but it isn’t. In many situations recorded conversations can turn out to be very useful.

So, before you start recording phone conversations (regardless of the purpose), make sure you are on the safe side of the law. Following are some methods and techniques you can use to record phone conversation easily.

  • You can download and install apps to record phone calls on your Android or iOS devices from their relevant app stores (Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store aka iTunes for iOS devices).
  • If you use VoIP services like Google Voice to made calls then you can use the same app to record calls. Google Voice allows you to record incoming phone calls directly from the app because it is a native feature. Simply press 4 during the call and Google Voice will start recording that conversation. After the call, you can get that conversation in MP3 format from your inbox.
  • In-ear microphones are an old but very useful method to record phone conversation. Unlike most of the other methods, you can use this technique on cell phone and landline phone both. Simply put in-ear microphone in your ear it will automatically record everything from your phone speaker. More of a brute force attempt, it will work with any device, any carrier and at any location.
  • Using cloud based services to record phone conversations is a relatively new but very easy to use method. These services like Recordator allow you to make phone calls from their web portals and you can record those calls without any trouble. Later you can access those recorded conversation from the same web portal. This method is not dependent on any special hardware of software.
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