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Recordator is an unbelievably easy and affordable way to record your interview calls, legal calls, business calls and other important calls you make.

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First we need to verify your cell number.

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We will now place a call to your number and ask you to type in the 3-digit PIN shown in the next step.

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Calling you

You will now receive a call from +1-888-829-2045. Please type in the 3-digit PIN shown below.

Number verified

Great! Your number was verified. Now enter the number of a person you would like to call.

Calling the Receiver

We will give you a call and then patch your call to the receiver.

Call completed

That's awesome. You just made your first call recording.

Let's now take you to your personal dashboard.

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There was a problem somewhere.

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We did not get the correct PIN. Something might have snapped from our side.

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1. Make 30-mins of free call to anyone in the USA and record it. You will see your recording in your personal dashboard.

2. In the next step we will ask you to verify your cell number.

3. Once your number is verified we will connect you to the receiver's number.

Got more questions? Read our F.A.Q.

Who is it for?

Hiring Managers

Call Recording for Hiring Managers

Record recruitment interviews of your candidates. Refer older interviews to avoid recency effects.


Call Recording for Journalists

Record your interviews taken on the phone. Take notes at leisure while writing your articles.

Business People

Call Recording for Businessmen

Record your sales calls, client calls and other important business calls. Understand your business better.

Legal Professionals

Call Recording for Legal Professionals

Record your legal calls for later reference. Have proof in your hands to turn back to when the time comes.


Call Recording for Consultants

Record important client calls and listen to them with your team. Understand your customers more.