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Recordator is a web-based service to record your phone calls. It gives you superior sound quality of your call-recordings
Record outgoing calls from your phone

Record all calls

You can record your outgoing calls and your incoming calls

Call Recording for Journalists

Show or mask your number

Show your number to the call receiver. Or mask your number and choose to show ours

Call Recording for Businessmen

No mobile-app. No hardware.

No app to install. No hardware to purchase. All you need to record is right here.

Call Recording for Legal Professionals

Record any call in the USA

We currently support calling and recording only in the USA. We are working to support other countries shortly.

Call Recording for Consultants

Download and share

Download your call recordings in MP3 format. Or share online with others

Call Recording for Consultants

Pay as you go.

We do not ask for your credit card upfront. Pay only as much as you use.

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How it works

Get recording in 5 minutes
  • Sign up for an account using your phone number
  • Enter the call-receiver's number
  • Begin the call by clicking a button
  • We call you and the receiver and then patch the calls
  • Talk. The conversation will be recorded
  • Hang up. Go to your call history
  • Recording is available in your account
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No setup fee. No monthly recurring fee. Pay only for the minutes you use


  • Buys you 67 minutes
  • $ 0.15 per minute
  • Full account access
  • No other cost


Most Popular
  • Buys you 250 minutes
  • $ 0.12 per minute
  • Full account access
  • No other cost


  • Buys you 600 minutes
  • $ 0.10 per minute
  • Full account access
  • No other cost

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