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In this article we talk about incoming call-recording using iPhones since it is especially challenging for iPhone users to record any kind of calls. Apple has strictly followed a policy of not providing any native capabilities in iOS for recording phone calls citing legal considerations. It becomes all the more tricky when you need to record a call that you have already received on your phone.

Recording incoming calls can be useful in a variety of situations.

  • When being interviewed over phone for a job opening, it might be a good idea to record the interview (with permission from the interviewer.). We have discussed preparing for a phone interview, and one of the suggestions we have is to record the interview so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve.
  • If you are a participant in a conference call and receive the call on your phone, you can record it and refer to it later for important discussion points. Conference calls could last for hours and hence it might be prudent to transcribe the phone call and save it as a document rather than an audio file.
  • While sealing a deal over a phone call, such as a real estate purchase or a business negotiation, you can record the calls with due permissions, to maintain the veracity and accuracy of terms discussed. It is important to inform all participants that the call is being recorded. An indisputable record of an important negotiation can save misunderstandings or disputes later.
  • Customer redressal of many service providers takes place through recorded lines. As a customer, recording the call puts you in a position of strength and makes the service provider accountable to any promises they make.

Before proceeding you might want to acquaint yourself with the legality of recording phone calls.


Incoming Call Recording withe

In a few simple steps we will explain how you can easily achieve incoming call recording our service,

1. Create an account on (free) – When you sign up for you get 10 free minutes to make some calls and listen to how they sound.

2. When you receive a call, place the call on hold and dial the toll-free number for Before this, make sure you have enough recording minutes in your account.

3. When the call connects, merge both calls. This creates a 3-way conference between, your participant and you. Anything spoken during the call is saved to our secure servers and made available in your account at

4. You can then go to your account and listen to your recordings.

That’s all there is to achieving incoming call recording on your phone. While there is a small learning-curve to it, you can easily start recording your incoming calls within minutes. Please note that call recording is a premium service at – you will need to purchase recording minutes to be able to record your calls.


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